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  • W220T Review

    W220T Review

    Edifier W220T is a Snapdragon Sound Semi In-ear earbuds.

  • Call Quality Enhancement Technology

    Call Quality Enhancement Technology

    Making phone call without disturbance can help boost your online meeting and phone call efficiency.

  • New Release August 2022

    New Release August 2022

    Edifier Malaysia new release model! W240TN ANC earbuds and W220T Snapdragon Earbuds

  • 8.8 Shopee Sale is Coming!

    8.8 Shopee Sale is Coming!

    8.8 Shopee Sale is coming! Stay tuned for more exciting deals!

  • Edifier P180 USB-C Review

    Edifier P180 USB-C Review

    Edifier P180 USB-C Review Product review August 2, 2022 First Look The P180 USB-C is a simple and easy to use wired earphones. packed in a box with Hi-Res Logo printed on the top right corner at the front. The whole earphones is in white color. The Connection Interface Featuring a USB type-C compatible with…

  • Wireless Speaker: Bluetooth VS Wifi

    Wireless Speaker: Bluetooth VS Wifi

    What is Bluetooth and How Do Bluetooth Speakers Compare to Wi-Fi Speakers? By DescoAV

  • R19BT Review

    R19BT Review

    R19BT Review The Appearance The front mesh is covered in a non removable linen mesh. this mesh can prevent dust from entering the flex hole and the driver unit as well. The white driver makes the speaker stands out from the dark black finish. Adding some contrast and details on the outlook. The Connectivity At…

  • MF200 Product Review

    MF200 Product Review

    MF200 Review Product review June 10, 2022 Introduction The MF200 is a Portable Bluetooth Soundbar designed to use on desktop. while its built in battery extended it to portable genre which gives you convenient to bring it and use while on the move. The Appearance The Front feature a dotted metal mesh in glossy black…

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