About Edifier

Edifier Introduction

Edifier specializes in the design and manufacture of premium audio solutions that showcase technological innovation and design excellence. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Beijing, China, Edifier delivers outstanding sound experiences through a wide range of home sound, professional audio, automobile audio, headphones, and microphones for personal entertainment and professional use. In 2010, Edifier was regarded as the only Chinese enterprise for national trademark strategy implementation, and in February 2010, Edifier joined the Chinese stock share market and became the first enterprise listed in the Chinese audio market.


Edifier has won many international awards, such as the “Red Dot Design Award”, “CES Design and Engineering Award”, “JIDPO Design award” (Japan Industrial Design Association Award), and the iF Design Award. In 2012, Edifier acquired the Japanese company,  Statx Ltd., which was famous for its static earphone brand. In 2016, Edifier cooperated with the top U.S. tablet headset brand Audeze LLC to implement its global market strategy. Edifier is reported on many top media sites, including Forbes, Yahoo, CNBC, CNET, and more.

Technology Innovation

Over 20 years, Edifier has worked on the development and implementation of audio technology. The company has also shown good growth and consolidation in international markets. So far, Edifier has registered international trademarks in more than 80 countries and regions, including Germany, France, Italy, the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, and Mexico.  Edifier has a global-based workforce, with distribution partners and resellers worldwide, and has established a route to market network for successful sales all over the world.

Brand Honours

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